Project Description

Raised with the passion of latin music in the city of Miami, FL, Eduardo ‘Charlie’ Salazar (aka Rawzeal) has a passion for creating and mixing the unique styles of multiple genres. After truly realizing the power and feeling of music, he immediately became addicted to the idea of creating your own songs. He played drums in a hardcore band with his closest friends when he was of age 11-13, and had his first taste of songwriting and composition. After the band split, he was introduced to the energetic, euphoric world of electronic music. After seeing the artistic capabilities of creating music on your computer, he instantly became addicted to producing electronica. He loves to incorporate the rhythm of Latin music to the energy of electronic music and the expression of rap/hip-hop. Since then he has collaborated with many local artists and released two EP’s: Transitory Matters and Archetype. He continues to search for real artists who are making music out of “Fresh Passion” in order to spread the love he has for art.

Engineer of rhythm and love.